PBG Wheels is a multi-brand supplier of wheels, tires, snow chains and related items. With the focus on design and quality, we only deliver the best products. As an importer of different brands, we have a suitable wheel for every car.

We also supply first assembly wheels (OEM) for various brands in the automotive industry. Appropriate TPMS sensors, valves and zinc are of course in our range.

In addition to steel and light-alloy wheels, we also supply complete winter, summer and all-season sets.

Thanks to our Automatic Fitting Line (AFL), we can produce complete sets automatically.

The AFL assembles wheels and tires automatically together into a set. All individual parts (tire, wheel and TPMS sensor) are scanned and then mounted. In addition to mounting the individual parts, the AFL has a number of additional functions:
• Tensioning the tire
• Balancing tire / wheel combination
• Simulation of the first 100 km.
• Professional packaging
• Sensor check TPMS.

You can find more about our brands below.

VW T-roc


A passion for motorsport and the pursuit of perfection, that is the common thread that runs through the BBS success story. It all started in 1970 when Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand started the company in Schiltach. The abbreviation BBS quickly grew into an established name in motorsport and a popular brand among motorists who share a passion for quality and design. BBS stands for the highest standards of quality, accumulated design expertise and more than 35 years of racing experience. Car manufacturers from all over the world use this unique OEM quality and absolute reliability.

BBS driving pleasure and competitive approach as standard!


MAK was founded in 1990 but the company has a much longer history. It is a collaboration between two families who have been working in the automotive industry for a long time:
the Magri family with expertise in tire sales throughout Italy and the Cervati family as a producer of cast aluminum parts. A combination of strength and market knowledge resulted in this beautiful wheel brand where design and flexibility are paramount.


After Rial was established more than 30 years ago, the brand became one of the star players in the wheel industry and the European replacement market. At Rial, part of Superior Industries, quality comes first. The efficient production process with an eye for the environment fits in seamlessly with the expectations that the automotive sector demands from the Rial brand.


The southern German Autec – more than 25 years in the market – founded in 1988. The company slogan “stagnation means decline” obliges Autec to take full advantage of the challenges in a changing market and has developed into a modern wheel manufacturer. Quality control and availability go hand in hand, making Autec a reliable and solid supplier in the market.


OXXO is a modern European wheel brand for drivers looking for a combination of design and functionality. When developing a wheel, OXXO focuses on technology in order to optimally use the price-quality ratio. This creates a large selection of wheels for a wide range of cars.

Advanti Racing

The wheels of Advanti Racing are characterized by progressive designs in different colors. The refined finish and the use of high-quality lacquers fit perfectly here. With a history in motorsport and formula1, this naturally speaks for itself.


The Enkei brand is a household name in Asia in the racing world, both in Formula 1 and in the drift scene, the brand has more than proved itself. The wheels of Enkei excel in shape weight and design so that you as a car owner can easily adjust the appearance of your car in terms of sporty looks. Enkei meets the highest quality and safety standards.


The Italian company Spath, based in Bergamo, has more than twenty years of experience in the design and production of light-alloy wheels. Spath has a total program, we focus on the wheels for caravans, motorhomes and trailers characterized by quality in combination with a high bearing capacity.

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