The right tire size

You will find the tire size of your car tires on the side of your tires. Many people do not know exactly how to read tire sizes. Below you can see which information is on your car tire and the explanation of the correct tire sizes.

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Tire sizes and load capacity

Tire sizes also indicate the load capacity. The load capacity of a tire is defined as the maximum allowable load that can be exerted by a weight on a tire. So tire sizes provide extra information to prevent you from overloading your car.

You will not immediately notice anything about your tires due to overloading and too high a speed. However, overloading works like a too low air pressure. The tire will wear out faster and the chance of a blowout increases.

More serious is a combination of several negative factors such as overloading, low air pressure, high speed and thereby high outside temperatures (for example, en route to the warm south). The load-bearing capacity of the tires must cover the actual axle load of your car. This index corresponds to the maximum load capacity of a tire at its maximum speed. This index is indicated by the LI (Load Index) symbol. This code represents the maximum load capacity of the tire in kg.

Li = load capacity index Kg = load capacity of a tire

The tires must also be adjusted to the speed of your vehicle. The maximum permitted speed of a tire is indicated by the symbol SI (speed index).

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