The correct tire pressure

With normal use, the tire pressure should be checked every four weeks. For more intensive use (for example for a long ride, a high speed or a heavy load) it is best to check the tension of your car tires even more.

Tire pressure table

In the tire pressure table you can see which tire pressure is the right one for each vehicle brand, model and tire size. Hieronder vindt u de meest recente versie van onze bandenspanningstabel. Below you will find the most recent version of our tire pressure table. Download here the tire pressure table 2018-2019.

Tire pressure advice

Do you prefer professional advice on tire pressure from your own tire specialist or garage? Then go to a point of sale and get customized advice.

Also check the tire pressure of your spare tire

The tire pressure prescribed by the car manufacturer is stated in the car’s manual and / or on the inside of the fuel filler flap, for example. However, this value may differ depending on the load and the conditions of use. On average the tire pressure is around 2.5 bar.

Measuring the pressure on your tires

The following points must be taken into account when measuring tire pressure:

  • The tire must be cold when measuring the tire pressure.
  • Increased tire pressure while driving is completely normal and should not be corrected.
  • The tire pressure of tires on the same axle must always be identical.
  • The tension can differ between the front and rear axles.
  • The valve caps must be screwed down tightly so that the valve is protected against dust and dirt. This way leaks can be prevented.
  • Defective valve caps must be replaced immediately.

The video below explains how and when you measure the tire pressure:


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