The difference between a 23 and a 25 mm racing bike tire?

Over the years, the tires on your racing bike have become wider. We started years ago with a 19 mm and in 2014 the standard is 23 mm.

At the moment we see Continental shifting, the standard 23 mm is exchanged for a 25 mm variant. 25 mm bicycle tires are suitable for every man / woman. Are you heavier in construction, then you have a greater advantage in the increase in your comfort.

Why 25mm tires?

A 25 mm variant has a larger air chamber, which means it better protects the tire against bumps. The impact of colliding with something is distributed in a larger air chamber. In addition to the advantage of less punctures, the comfort in the bicycle also increases. With a 25 mm tire, comfort increases by 20% compared to a 23 mm tire. This has increased at 28 mm to even 80%. The larger air chamber will make your bike feel calmer and more stable.

Rolling resistance

The rolling resistance of your 25 mm tire is the same as your 23 mm tire. If you drive with a wider rim, the rolling resistance will even decrease.

Tire pressure

The tire pressure of a 25 mm variant may be ½ to a whole bar lower than with a 23 mm variant. If you are going to drive on a bad road surface, then you will have to lower your tires (than on a nice asphalt road). Here again, comfort plays an important factor.

Advantages of 25 mm tires

  • Less common bump
  • More comfort in your bike
  • Less wear on your wheels, thanks to extra comfort
  • Equal rolling resistance

Does a 25mm band fit?

Always ensure that the tire fits on the correct rim. The overview below shows that a 25 mm tire fits on a 13C, 15C and 17C rim. So always check that. If the rim turns out to be too wide, this considerably increases the risk of blown tires. The width of the rim can be determined by measuring the inner distance of the two rim edges with a caliper gauge.

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